Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Come, Come, Ye Saints...

There simply are not words to adequately express the feelings of love and gratitude that fill our hearts for those souls who crossed the plains. Those great souls who had the great faith to leave all they had behind, with an unwavering trust that God would see them through this unknown journey. They did not know when they set out just how difficult or long it would be. But they trusted that it was for His Church, His cause, and for that, it was worth it.

From the depths of our souls we thank them for the sacrifices they made, so that we might enjoy the Gospel the way we do today...

Come, Come, Ye Saints...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Woman At The Well

In the Book of John, we find the story of the woman at the well. This story holds so much more than a Samaritan woman having a run in with Jesus at a well. In this story we find the love Jesus has for the single soul. The lost soul. The infinite worth He see in us, when we see ourselves as worthless.

The quick version of the story is that this Samaritan woman had gone to the well in the middle of the day to get water. Speculation says she went later on in the day to avoid the crowds and the other women. As maybe she didn't want to have to deal with their comments and their judgements? We don't know, but maybe. At the well she meets a man. A Jewish man. And he speaks to her and asks her for a drink. This boggled her mind, that this man, a Jewish man nonetheless, would speak to her. He tells her He has a way that she will never thirst again. She's all in at the thoughts of this, as she is thinking she will never have to come back to the well! After a little clarification, Jesus tells her to go get her husband. She tells Him she doesn't have one. He says, 'Yeah, I know you don't, but go get the man you are living with and bring him and your friends back. I've got some things I want to tell you.' She is so taken back by what He knows about her. She does as she is told. Returns, and is taught. And goes on to teach others.

Jesus didn't care where this woman had been. He cared where she was at, at that moment. She was at the well. And He took the time to let her know that she was worth His time. That she mattered. Surely all the things that had been said about her by the other women, had affected her. She had begun to believe them to some extent, whether they were true or not. She had tried to avoid them by going later to the well, but one way or another, it had gotten to her. She believed what was said about her. She was an outcast. And now she finds herself embraced in the concern of none other than the Savior.

Ardeth Kapp said, "...she stands as a symbol for all women and all men of all time, helping us to see that the Lord loves each of us no matter who or where we are. With all our weaknesses and imperfections, with our wrong choices and mistakes, as saints, sinners, and all in between, he will come to us with buckets of living water and bless us beyond measure."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Debbie

Happy Birthday Debbie!
We hope you have a most wonderful day...

Lori and Me'Chel