Monday, August 13, 2012

Education Week is here again!...

Can you believe it is Education Week time again already?! Where has the year gone? Are you ready for us, because Provo here we come!!!

Here is what our schedule looks like:

9:50-10:45 am

Tuesday: Joy and Laughter
Wednesday: A Hopeful Heart
Thursday: Healing The Soul
Friday: Hold On

11:10-12:05 pm

Wednesday: You Are Better Than You Think!
Thursday: Mission Possible. . . You Have A Mission And Purpose
Friday: "Arise And Shine Forth" (D&C 115:5)

(All of our classes will be taught in the Madsen room of the Harris Fine Arts Center)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keep Running...

With the Olympics having been on for the last two weeks, many of us have watched and seen many incredible stories and gained inspiration from some of the athletes we have watched. Maybe the most common face of inspiration of the 2012 Summer Games was that of Oscar Pistorious. The track and field runner who just happened to be a double amputee. It was incredible to watch him run against all of those able bodied athletes. Did he medal? No. Did he set a world record? No, didn't do that either. But what he did do was heroic in its own our mind anyway...he beat the odds...he did what so many said he could not do, and that was compete in the 'regular' Olympic games, instead of the Paralymic games he normally competes in. He silenced his critics. He refused to give in to all the voices telling him he couldn't do it. He made it. He raced. And though he didn't win, he finished every race he ran. And finished well. He kindly and graciously shook the hand of each competitor and congratulated the winners. Oscar Pistorious may not have returned home to South Africa with a gold medal around his neck, but he is a true champion...

Below is a video clip that came from the 1992 Olympics. It shows the race of a man named Derek Redmond. Shortly into his race he tore his hamstring. In agony, he was determined to finish his race. His father was in the stands and was watching all of this. He couldn't take seeing his son in pain like this any longer...he pushed his way through security, rushed to his son's aid and helped him finish his race.

We know that our Father in Heaven notices us. He sees our needs. He knows of our hearts and our brokenness at times. We need not fear. He will come to us. He will send help to us, so that we too may finish our race...

"God does nothing by chance, but always by design as a loving Father...Surely such a loving Father in heaven...will not forget the needs of each of his children."
~President Spencer W Kimball~