Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hold On To The Promises...

Covenants. They are binding. And when made with our Father in Heaven, they are a kept promise. If we do what we say we will, He will always keep His end of the deal. Life is full of change and uncertainty. But our Heavenly Father's promises, as well as His love, is an eternal certainty. He will always love us. And He will always keep His promises. Never has He let us down or lead us astray. Nor will He ever.

Life can be difficult and challenging. Rarely does it turn out just as we plan. God often has other ideas. Better ones. Though from our vantage point, it can be sometimes hard to see it that way.

Often others disappoint us, or they let us down. Friends, spouses, co-workers... But He never will. He can't. It would be against His nature. If He says it shall be, it shall be. The only contingency is us keeping our part of the deal.

And so as we go through mortality. And things don't go as we planned. Or as we hoped. We must hold on with hope. And faith. To our covenants. To the promises we have made with our Father in Heaven. He will come through. He will make everything okay. Though it may not feel like it at the time. Or maybe not even in this lifetime. But He will make it right. He will bless us with all He has promised, if we can just remain faithful and keep the promises we've made to Him.

So wherever we may find ourselves, let us hold on. Hold on to Him. Hold on to His promises. Hold on to our covenants. And if we do, all will be well. Maybe not at this moment. But it will come. And it shall surely be worth it all...

Just keep holding on...

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