Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Light Will Come...Again...

The tragedy in Newtown Connecticut...The airwaves have been flooded with details, and our hearts flooded with sorrow. What happened is beyond tragic. Such a thing is incomprehensible. Many are trying to make sense of it. But that will never happen. Something this horrific and senseless, simply cannot have sense made of it.

The world we live in is ever darkening. Things like this shooting rampage are evidence of that. It causes people to wonder and question God. But at times like these we must not doubt Him, but rather turn to Him as we need Him now more than ever.

He is a loving Father. And we can turn to Him for comfort. In His loving embrace, we can find peace and refuge. He may not be able to give us the answers and reasons these things happen, but He can give us the reassurance that He is aware of what is going on, and will somehow, some way, make it okay. He can't return those lives taken. But He can fill those empty hearts and arms of the loved ones left behind, with the reassurance their loved ones are with Him and that one day they will be reunited, never to be separated again.

That first Christmas, the world was pretty dark. Jesus entered in to a lost and dim world. But His entrance brought light. And the day will soon come when the Light himself, will return to this lost and dim world. And with that return, there will be peace. And joy. And relief from heartache. He will come and make everything right and well.

Until then, look to Him. Hold on to each other in love and brotherhood. Hold on to Him and His promises.  He is on his way.

Just hold on, the Light will come...Again...

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